Saturday, February 2, 2013

Be Stella's Voice

the shorter version of the one above- A Crisis in Moldova

What an exciting ministry to be a part of! To equip these beautiful children of God to be mothers, ministers, missionaries... to spread the gospel of GOOD NEWS through equipping them to spread the gospel !!   

My mind, as a midwife, goes immediately to wishing for a maternity home & birth center for these girls & ladies!! From the 1st video it sounds like they have apartments set up for the mamas. I want too love on them, care for them, mother them, nurture them, so they in turn can learn to nurture their babies. 

Be Stella's voice! Please join me in impacting eternity through Stella's Voice ministry! This is my personal fundraising website. 100 % goes Stella's Voice
Online fundraising for Stella's Voice

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