Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Pray for Mary

Mary (not real name) arrived at the shelter several months ago, weighing only 58 pounds covered with wounds from those who had abused her. She slowly began to recover from the nightmare of sex trafficking,   learned to trust our staff and open up about her pain. Mary gained weight and grew in confidence. ...Sadly, it’s still not an easy road for Mary. Just this week she made some unwise choices that put her back in touch with a man who has the power to return her to the world of bondage. ...Ask God to shepherd Mary’s heart as she walks the razor’s edge between life and death. Our prayers are the most powerful weapon in this day to day struggle." Written by a director of a shelter. 

One of the many ways you can help human trafficking survivors is to support families like the Farrans who, as you give to them & pray for them, will be your hands & feet. For more info visit -

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