Saturday, June 1, 2013

Why I Hate June 1st

Today many 16 y/o girls in Moldova will be put on the streets because they have aged out of the orphanage. The orphanage directors often sell information & tip off the traffickers. Sex traffickers snatch the girls, rape them and then they are often raped 40 times a day through prostitution till they die at a young age.

Many boys are kidnapped and sent away to other countries (often Russia) for slave labor. Often they face abuse & rape as well. In eastern Europe, less then 50% of the orphan population will live to see their 20th birthday. Can you imagine being so abused, used, neglected that you die as such a young age?

I'm weeping now, praying others will cry, pray & act too! I pray someday someone who reads this will be involved in rescue or prevention, but here is what you can do NOW


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Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves… rescue those being led away to death… Proverbs 31:8a & 24:11a

An Outreach of Philip Cameron Ministries

         Every year, I dread June 1. Children’s Day should be marked by celebrations and joy. But for the 16-year-old orphans of Moldova, it is a day marked by sorrow, fear, and desperation. It is on that day that these young teenagers are forced to pack the few belongings they have and leave the orphanages—the only place they have ever called ‘home’—for good.

        I simply do not have the room to house each child. But every day, I am on my knees, praying to God that one day soon, I will be able to put a roof over more heads.

        God has answered those prayers in the form of Stella’s Houses 3 and 4. He has answered them in the form of people like you, who have given so generously to see these homes built, and through the team of construction workers, electricians and plumbers who have worked so tirelessly.

        His hand has been with us as every nail was pounded in, as every wall has gone up. By His grace, the frame for Stella’s 4 is complete, the walls of the church are going up, and we’ll soon start on the frame for Stella’s 3.

        Next year, when June 1 comes, we’ll be ready, waiting with open arms to take in 60 children who would otherwise face an uncertain future on the streets.

        Next year, I will not dread June 1.

        For the children,
        Philip Cameron

PS:  Thank you for being a part of building these homes. And please, keep us in your prayers as work continues.

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