Friday, July 5, 2013

A $1 a Day is Life Changing for an Orphan


        You can’t do much with a dollar these days.

        You can’t buy a pack of gum or a good cup of coffee. You can’t make a dent in your gas tank or even buy a “big gulp.”

        But what you can do is amazing: with just one dollar, you can give hope to the hopeless.

        “I’ve been giving a dollar a day for the last ten years, trying to help you.”

        Those are the words one woman spoke to my daughter-in-law Natalie (once an abandoned child herself) after Natalie spoke during her first Stella’s Voice Summer Tour years ago.

        “She didn’t have much, but she believed in somebody like me on the other side of the world,” Natalie said, stunned. She had grown up in a world where adults put their needs ahead of their children’s needs, so this level of caring was amazing to her.
        One dollar makes an enormous difference in the lives of the children of Stella’s Voice. It is the difference between a cold winter on the streets and a warm bed. It is the difference between never hearing of the saving power of Christ and an eternity in Heaven with Him. It is the difference between one girl being sold or saved.

        It’s because of people who care, people who give that dollar a day, that these orphans are saved. When they are tossed onto the streets at the age of 16, they face only two options: sold or saved. That choice is not theirs to make. It is up to you and me.

        We must do everything in our power to save even one more girl from being sold. God isn’t looking for heroes. He’s looking for men, women, boys and girls with faithful hearts. He’s looking for people to love as Jesus loved.

  For the children,
        Philip Cameron

PS: God is looking to us to care for the least of these; He is looking for us to be the difference between these orphans being sold or saved. Please, give today. Be the difference.

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